About me

As i said before, My name is Sparks, i'm 16 years old, i like to draw, code and look at what others draw and code

I was exploring indieweb for a really long time, but never felt brave enough to create my own website, and now i think it's time to change that!

I'm still relatively new to html and web design, so i still have much to figure out. I had a lot of trouble with constructing a layout, so big thanks to Sadness and her layout builder that really helped me to understand how all of it works :>

> Name: Sparks
> age: 16
> Birthday: july 24th
> Languages: Eng/Rus
> Pronouns: They/he

> Windy weather
> Glowing things
> Stars!
> Dithered images
> All kinds of tea
> insects
> Emoticons (^w^)

>Character Design
>Diorama making
>Live2D modeling
>Web design
> etc

> Indie web
> Old web
> Old technology
> weirdcore
> Entomology
> Cartoons
> Object shows
> ARG's